Deleading and Painting of U.S. Capitol Dome, Washington, D.C.

Removed 100 tons of 140 year old lead-based paint from the dome of our nation’s Capitol and application of 700 gallons of new paint. Work was complete while the facility remained open to visitors and while Congress was in session.

Asbestos Abatement Fitchburg Power Plant, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Asbestos abatement of pipe and boiler insulation, roofing felt, exterior sidingAnd window caulk of a century-old, seven story structure covering nearly anentire acre. Additional work included dismantling three interior boilers andpartially dismantling of one exterior boiler.

Containment, Hydroblasting and Painting of South Helix House, Cutler Maine

Lead paint removal using Ultra High Water Pressure (40,000 psi) pumps and rotary hand lances, and repainting at the 150,000 square feet of structural steel and galvanized siding at Helix House, an international radio-transmitting station for the U.S. Navy.

Waterproofing and Concrete Restoration at Blackwater Dam, Webster, New Hampshire

Aulson sounded the entire dam to locate areas of failed concrete. Repair areas were saw-cut at the perimeter and deteriorated concrete was removed to the depth of sound concrete. The surface was prepared by heavily sandblasting and washing to remove contamination, followed by application of repair mortar. Shotcrete repairs were performed in specified areas. The dam's pedestrian walkway was repaired by removing and replacing two inches of unsound concrete. Once the area was cured, it was sealed with a waterproof and skid-proof urethane coating.

Citgo Pier Sheet Piles, Boston, Massachusetts

Polyurea application over sheet piles in a marine tidal environment.