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Attention to detail…dedicated experience…quality workmanship: these are the things that define us here at The Aulson Company. Serving all of Boston and New England, we specialize in residential, commercial and industrial construction, renovation and improvement projects. Whether you need roofing, siding or window installation for your suburban home, or you require high-level bridge painting, concrete repair or demolition for your commercial business, The Aulson Company is the wise choice. We bring decades of experience to each and every job, ensuring your 100 percent satisfaction thanks to our licensed and insured professionals. We put safety first, so get peace of mind knowing you are hiring the very best specialty contractor for your residential, commercial or industrial project anywhere in New England.

Professional Services

The Aulson Company, Inc. - Boston Specialty Contractor


The Aulson Company specializes in residential construction services for homeowners. From roofing and carpentry to windows and doors, we do it all. Our proven experience and attention to detail make us the wise choice for all residential projects you may need. Historic renovations, maintenance, repairs, deleading: these are just a few of the critical residential services we offer. Whether you have a large home or small one, our team can make it better!

The Aulson Company, Inc. - Boston Demolition and Environmental Specialty Contractor


Need a building demolished? Have a green building project in mind? We can help with both. From interior and hydro demolition to lead paint and asbestos abatement, The Aulson Company is your local choice for demolition and eco-friendly services that put safety, health and the environment first. Mold remediation, PCB abatement, dismantling and demolition: we are the smart choice for these services and more thanks to our cross-trained work force resulting in a single turnkey resource.

The Aulson Company, Inc. - Historic restoration of the capital


Preserving history is vital to our future. If you have a structure that’s in need of repair but that must be preserved with historical significance intact, rest assured we have built a reputation for excellence when it comes to preserving aged and historic structures throughout New England – a region steeped in rich history. As a DCAMM Certified Contractor in Historic Building Restoration, we are proud to be your local resource for detailed historic preservation and restoration.

The Aulson Company, Inc. - Industrial Services


Our industrial services are second to none as we have vast experience in handling everything from bridge painting and abrasive blasting to water jetting and asbestos abatement. Timely Project Execution…Cost Effective Proven Methods…Turnkey Project Execution: these are just a few of the reasons why you should choose The Aulson Company for your industrial service needs. From industrial coatings projects to industrial flooring installation, choose the local expert for high-end results you can count on.


High Angle Painting – Surface Preparation and Coatings Installation – Including Hazardous Coatings Removal at the United States Capitol Dome in Washington, DC.

Description: All existing hazardous lead-containing paint was removed from the entire Skirt structure including all structural cast iron within the Skirt. This entire project was done under full containment and negative air while Congress was in session. Performed surface preparation via abrasive blasting. After the coating was removed and prior to the installation of a new high performance coating system, the Architect identified and scheduled for repair, the defects, cracks,and joint failures in the Skirt’s cast iron plates. All lead paint and hazardous waste materials were disposed of in accordance with all Local, State, and Federal Regulations.

US Capital


The Aulson Company, Inc - White House Capital restoration


Working with the BEST to provide you the BEST in every project we do.

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The Aulson Company, Inc. is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Safety Compliant with an excellent reputation.


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