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The Aulson Company, Inc. is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Safety Compliant with an excellent reputation.

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The Aulson Company has long served New England as a leader in lead abatement contracting. Backed by proven experience, we can accurately, efficiently and safely remove, treat and handle lead within residential and commercial settings.

We cater frequently to residential and commercial clients looking to get rid of the presence of lead in their homes and businesses. The inclusion of lead in building materials and paints was banned in 1978, which is great for more recent building projects but not so great for historic renovations, remodels and improvements to older structures built prior to the late 1970s.

Our staff has participated in some of the very first lead abatement pilot projects in the entire country. As a specialty contractor in the Northeast and throughout New England, we know the presence of lead in a variety of coatings is very common. That’s why we employ lead safe renovators, Class I Lead Workers, RRP trained supervisors and competent professionals skilled in the safe and comprehensive removal of lead-containing coatings.

Lead is a public health risk, which is why it’s important to adhere to the guidelines and regulations set forth by regulatory agencies such as EPA, OSHA, DOT, HUD, DOH, & DLS.

Residential Deleading Services

We offer full-service deleading for residential properties, with the ability to handle all aspects of the process from lead removal and replacement to encapsulation and restoration. With many years of experience to our credit, we specialize in anything from low to high risk residential projects.

Our services for homeowners include:

  • Deleading
  • Lead paint detection
  • Lead paint removal
  • RRP projects
  • Home improvements
  • Renovations
  • Replacement/encapsulation
  • Historic restoration
  • Interior/exterior painting
  • Window and framing restoration
Commercial Deleading Services

In the same vein, we cater to all commercial clients as well when it comes to ridding a workspace of lead-containing materials for the safety of employees and customers. Our team is comprised of skilled craftsmen who have extensive knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of the deleading industry.

We have the experience and knowledge to analyze lead hazards and develop a short- or long-term solution for deleading. First, we will document the condition of your property, review the regulatory requirements, discuss the rights and safety of current building occupants, and come up with the most cost effective lead control method possible.

To learn more about our residential and commercial deleading services throughout the Commonwealth and all of New England, contact us at 978.975.4500.


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The Aulson Company, Inc. is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Safety Compliant with an excellent reputation.


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